Encryption Built for
a Trump Presidency

Easily send PGP encrypted
messages anywhere.

how it works


Add public keys to your buddies list

A public key is like a username - Adding someone’s public key to your buddies list lets you send them messages. You can find other public keys on markets like Keybase.io and Darknet.


Encrypt a message

Select a recipient from your buddies list and compose a message. Only your chosen recipient(s) can read the message. Encrypted messages can be used to send sensitive information, such as an address, document, or anything intended to be read only by intended recipients.


Send the encrypted message anywhere

You can send the encrypted message on any website! Send encrypted messages over Facebook Messenger, Twitter DMs, YouTube, Instagram, or anywhere else.

Felony is security when and where you want it.


Inauguration Day 2017

Protecting your personal communications has never been this easy. With Felony, the NSA can't read your messages. Facebook can’t read your messages. Even your mom can’t read your messages (though you should probably call her more often). Use Felony to take control of your privacy, and you’ll see why Inauguration Day 2017 won’t be like 1984.


OpenPGP.js, the encryption protocol on which Felony is built, has undergone a complete security audit by Cure53, a professional pentesting firm. Check out the report here.

Open Source

Anyone can see how Felony works and anyone can make it better. Transparency ensures a better product and a greater degree of security. Check out Felony on GitHub here.


It’s as easy as copy and paste. Copy and paste other users’ public keys to add them to your buddies list. Copy and paste encrypted and signed messages for use anywhere on the web.